Deep Grooved Top 8c

Deep Grooved Top 8c
  • Item #: 2591

These SGX style frames are made of the highest quality eastern white pine and are made to fit deep hive bodies.

  • Dimensions: 9-1/8 in. x 17-5/8 in.
  • Qty. 8
  • Unassembled
  • SGX style (grooved top bar with grooved bottom bar)
  • Works well with plastic foundation

SGX style frames have a grooved top bar and a grooved bottom bar. The end bars measure 3/8 in. thick with pre-drilled holes for use with support pins or cross-wiring wax foundation.

This frame works well with plastic foundation because the plastic snaps easily into place. This frame can still be used with wax foundation.

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Price $12.00

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